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BIOMEDevice Boston-MA Booth #
May 03, 2017 - May 04, 2017


As an innovator in dip molding, RF welding, lay flat tubing, thin film extrusion, medical balloon technologies and more, Polyzen is your only Strategic Partner, when it comes to accelerating your innovations to market. Since 1990, Polyzen has become recognized as a single source solution for many of the leading medical device manufacturers. From concept design to full scale production, Polyzen has a proven track record in delivering countless, high quality customized medical devices and specialty components sourcing for both large and small medical device OEM companies.

Polyzen has historically leveraged its core technology and expertise in polymer science and processing to provide responsive, cost effective development and contract manufacturing services for many of the major medical device OEM companies. Polyzen prides itself by serving its customers via four primary disciplines:

Product Design and Development
Material Science and Formulation
Polymer Processing and Resin Formulation
Manufacturing / Assembly

By using these four areas as a platform, Polyzen works closely with its customers to understand their technical / functional requirements, recommend a solution and deliver an unparalleled custom component or device.

Collectively serving the medical device industry for over 100 years, aided with an extensive portfolio of patents and know how, Polyzen has also developed specific expertise in Thin Film RF / Heat Welding, Dip Molding, Dip Coating, Extrusions, and Device Assembly.

We welcome an opportunity to accelerate your innovative idea to the market!