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Our film and tube extrusion experience encompasses a wide range of extrusion methods to include: flat-die extrusion, blown film extrusion, co-extrusion, lay-flat tubing, coating & laminations and multi-layer constructions.
Our Film Division:
Polyzen is a custom polyurethane and specialty thermoplastic elastomer film and sheet manufacturer. Since 2000, we have been developing specialty films for medical, military, biopharmaceutical and industrial applications worldwide.

Our extrusion capabilities encompass a range of methods, including flat-die extrusion, co-extrusion, coating & laminations, and multi-layer constructions.

Serving a range of industries has given us deep experience processing a broad array of thermoplastics.  For our customers, our particular expertise in polyurethane, TPU resin selection and formulation allows us to tailor material properties to their specific applications. This history of material and product development across a wide variety of industries enhances our ability to deliver innovative solutions for your material challenges.

Here are some of the more common applications

Medical Bag Applications 
Safety Glass / Optically Clear Film 
Lamination of Dissimilar Materials
Coating of Dissimilar Materials (e.g. foam, plastics, paper) 
Fabric Coating / Lamination
Specialty Hot-Melt Adhesive Films (e.g. urethane/acrylic blends)  
Hospital Mattresses - Covers
Seam Sealing
High MTVR Film for Wound Care Applications
Anti-Static/Cleanroom Products
Conveyor Belting
Breathable Film
Fire Retardant Film