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Polyzen has a vast array of equipment and expertise to assist companies with manufacturing their products. Our facilities total 32,000 square feet of operating space to handle small and large projects. We'll take your device concept and use our strengths in material formulations and innovative plastic processing technologies to deliver a complete solution to your outsourcing needs. From product development and manufacturing to packaging and sterilization we can handle variety of projects in all medical disciplines.
A. Liquid Process: Dip Molding, Coating, Spray Coating. Also available, Liquid Injection Molding and Rotational Molding.
Dip Molding / Coating
Spray Coating
B. Secondary Process: Secondary processing of Film, Tubing, Balloons or Formed Parts:
Film Welding – RF, Impulse, Sonic, Laser
Thermoforming – Film, Tubing Forming into Balloon
Assembly – Tip Forming, Adhesive Bonding – UV/RTV, Drilling, Skiving, RO Band Swaging
C. Melt Process: Melt Processing of Thermoplastic Resins via Extrusion Process:
Extrusion – Film, Specialty Thin-wall Tubing, Lay Flat Tubing
Extrusion Blow molding
Injection Molding – Components, Insert Molding – Hub on Catheter

Process Detail
Thin Film Welding
Dip Molding/Casting
Specialty Coating
Blow Molding